Z Lounge

We took on this project in the Georgetown area in Washington DC from an empty shell.

We worked on it for 3 weeks to convert it into a fully functional bar/lounge. We started by sketching a 3D model of the bar area and proceeded forward with carpentry production. After framing the bar and countertop, shelving, plumbing, and electrical, we installed the plumbing and electronic appliances. We then moved to finish with paint on the lower area and wallpaper on the upper lounge area. We also hung the TVs in the lounge and bar as well as installed an audio system with speakers and an amplifier for live and DJ music. Finally, we installed and configured the WIFI mesh and a new CCTV system with cameras.


Location: Georgetown Washington DC
Surface Area: 3500 Sqft
Year: 2020
Categories: Interior Design,
1629 K St NW, Suite 300,
Washington, DC 20006
Mon - Sat: 7:00-18:00
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